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Safety and Emergency Preparedness 

Individuals with disabilities may require additional assistance in an emergency situation. A personal emergency preparedness plan should involve being informed, making a plan, assembling supplies and a kit, creating a personal support network, practicing with your network and team and maintaining your plan and kit. Below you will find information on safety and disaster preparedness and assistance.


After the Disaster: A Children's Mental Health Checklist 
Create Your Own Family Disaster Plan & Book 
Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities
Disaster Supplies Calendar (English & Spanish)
Emergency Preparedness on Your Cell
National Fire Association Information for People with Disabilities 
Preparing for Disaster for people with Disabilities 
Ready America Campaign (instructional videos)
Safety for People with Disabilities
The Take and Go Emergency Book 
What’s the Plan?: Ask Your Child Care Provider Before A Disaster 


California Office of Emergency Services 
Earthquake Mapping 
Federal Emergency Management Agency 
Fire Safety for Children
Disaster Help Center
Ready Kids 
Resource for Child Care Providers

San Diego County Office of Emergency Services
US Government Disaster website
Amber Alert Mapping
Family Watchdog 
School Safety & Incidents 

For Professionals/Officials:

Accommodating People With Disabilities In Disasters 
ADA Checklist for Emergency Shelters
ADA Information for Law Enforcement
ADA Tool Kit for Emergency Preparation and Response
Assisting Individuals with Mental Health Needs in Times of Emergencies
Disaster Planning for Individuals with Special Needs - FEMA
Emergency Management Planning Guide for Special Needs Populations (FEMA)
Emergency Management and People with Disabilities: A Resource Guide
Improving Emergency Preparedness in Schools
Police Response to People With Disabilities


Take Me Home Registry - local program to help law enforcement locate and deal with
individuals with disabilities.


Procedimientos de emergencia para empleados con incapacidades


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