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FREEDOM The opportunity to choose where and with whom one lives as well as how one organizes all important aspects of one’s life with freely chosen assistance as needed.
AUTHORITY The ability to control some targeted amount of public dollars
SUPPORT The ability to organize that support in ways that are unique to the individual
RESPONSIBILITY The obligation to use public dollars wisely and to contribute to one’s community
CONFIRMATION The recognition that individuals with disabilities themselves must be a major part of the redesign of the human service system of long term care


Conservatorship Guide: Making It Happen

Making My Own Choices
Making Informed Choices (How I Want to Spend my Time)
Peer Mentor Training Guide  
Person Centered Excellence 
Planning Your Future: Creating Your Support Team 
Self-Determination in Action: Learning to Make Choices
Self-Determination: The Big Picture
Teaching Life Skills
The Sound of Potential 
Types of Special Needs Trusts
What is a Center for Independent Living


Center for Self-Determination
National Down Syndrome Society Life Planning Resources 
The Riot (formerly Self-Advocate Leadership Network)


Home of Guiding Hands Life Planning Project   
Xcite Steps Mentoring/Coaching





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